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Music Making as Spiritual Experience

In the event that you've been playing piano for quite a while, you may happen upon periods where you overlook yourself and just the music remains. You may even have had a profound encounter. A wonder where feeling and insight become one and the outside world vanishes.

This experience is the thing that we as a whole need, regardless of whether we let it be known or not. This is a significant piece of making music - particularly new age music. We need that minute where we can quit thinking and start feeling.

Obviously, there are times when we make something for a particular reason, for example, move music, shake and roll, and so forth. In any case, when you are receptive to your inclination and giving the music a chance to spill out of your fingers the miracle and enchantment of it is sufficient to make you need to return over and over for additional.

To get to this spot doesn't require any unique capacity. It just necessitates that you realize a little about harmonies and how to utilize them. At that point, you place your fingers on a harmony and off you go.

What makes this confounded for some is their uncertainty about which harmony or notes to play. All things considered, there are a huge number of decisions. The answer for this issue is constraining your decisions. In the free exercises, I give you a scale to play and a couple of harmonies from that scale to ad lib with. This is sufficient material to get the creative mind moving. A few understudies blossom with limits while others battle them. I battled them too until I understood that my objective was to like music making - not to make a magnum opus.

When I contemplated making anything - I solidified up. In fact, I knew a great deal yet it did me nothing worth mentioning. I rethought my explanations behind making music and reached the resolution to keep it straightforward. Basic, in my brain at the time implied exhausting. Yet, I at long last let go of the need to satisfy others and when I did, I started to encounter music making as a profound encounter.

Presently, there is nothing that recuperates me to such an extent as simply being at the piano - giving the notes a chance to fall where the will inside the impediments I set for myself. To start with, I enable myself to incline toward any stable that calls me. For instance, it could be a minor harmony. It may be the pentatonic sound that calls to me. At that point I essentially remain inside that sound or tonality and everything is great.

Edward Weiss is a musician/writer and website admin of Quiescence Music's online piano exercises. He has been helping understudies figure out how to play piano in the New Age style for more than 14 years and works with understudies in private, in gatherings, and now over the web. Visit now and get a FREE piano exercise!


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